2012 Xmas Mapping Contest Map-pack

Posted: Feb 9, 2013 in maps, UT99
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VOTING IS OVER… and the final updates are here.
Click HERE to see who won!

Here is the final UT99.org 2012 Christmas maps pack

All the maps in 2 volumes.

UT99XmasContest2012-Volume1.7z (61MB) and UT99XmasContest2012-Volume2.7z (55.8MB)
:yes: Enjoy.

In no order, these are the maps in the pack.
DM-XC-EpicTownV2A by FraGnBraG (updated)
DM-XC-Ozma777-UT99org-V2 by Ozma777 (updated)
DM-XC-HealPyramid by Rakiayn
DM-XC-{dfb}PartyRock_Xmas by Pipe
DM-XC-Adequate by Isotoxin
DM-XC-ColdstoneFinalV2 by Jaypeezy (updated)
DM-XC-MorpheusPeak final by Papercoffee
DM-XC-NaliTreeV2 by GEx (updated)
CTF-XC-Peak17 by Swanky
CTF-XC-SnowGlobe by GenMoKai
JB-XC-{dFb}-X-Mas-2012 by {dFb}MattMan (requires JailBreak mod. Link below)

REMEMBER. Keep your killing festive and jolly :jester:
sigh I wish there was a “Jolly-boots-of-doom” mutator.

Jail Break mod. Reqired for “JB-XC-{dFb}-X-Mas-2012”

7-Zip http://www.7-zip.org
RAR http://www.rarlab.com

  1. GFREX says:

    Oh, yeah! CTF and JB maps.

  2. dr-flay says:

    Oh yeah!More have been posted, so I better get them mirrored here ASAP.

  3. anonymous says:

    axewound writes:Thanks Doc! Much better here than the free upload sites.

  4. dr-flay says:

    Well Axe, you get 2GB of space with an account here, so it is far easier.

  5. anonymous says:

    Zeibe writes:Graxcias por los mapas!!

  6. dr-flay says:

    My pleasure Zeibe.The fixed/updated full map-pack, will be available soon :up:

  7. Gexas20 says:

    I'd like to thank you for hosting the maps, it can be a real pain in the bee-hind to keep those 2share (or other kind) links from becoming dead. Awesome job!

  8. anonymous says:

    Carbon writes:Thanks for hosting mate!

  9. dr-flay says:

    Well thanks for visiting, Carbon :up:

  10. anonymous says:

    ASLYE702 writes:Yeah, good to see my advent wreath here! :DCheers, ASLYE702!

  11. dr-flay says:

    Hehe, thanks for putting it in the map.It makes the perfect cover-picture.

  12. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:¡Thanks Doc!

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