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Deus Ex

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This page is in Beta state.
This will grow and be updated over the following weeks. …



Not sure why (probably the lack of sleep), but here is my answer to a question, in a UT-geek-comedy, parody format.
Half way through, I started again. I thought It may actually be worth “going-for-it” and trying to make it a snap-shot of life at
I have done it with love for Unreal and all of the characters portrayed, so I hope you all enjoy it (if you can manage to read it all).
I tried to stick to fairly good English, so it will hopefully translate well with
I think I could edit it and maybe embed links to the various projects hidden in the dialogue.
NOTE It is all one character. His is the only voice you hear. …


Internet Relay Chat

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Unreal IRC – Internet Relay Chat Rooms

Try port 6697 for SSL. Not all servers support it.



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Almost there, so I thought I should show you the insane UT99 mod from “Structure Studio” and the people at …