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Just installed the original Unreal?
Want to know what do you need to update or add? …

First you may want to buy a copy!

You will need to upgrade your basic installation with the final official v226 patch.
⭐ Then you will need the current v227 patch from OldUnreal to enjoy modern graphics and audio.
This patch includes an updated and superior version of UEd 2.
Oldunreal’s 227 Patch (current release is 227i) – RSS feed

Now you are more up-to-date, you can enable the new UT style GUI and menus from the “Advanced” options.

Add more Master Servers

:ninja: Now you are up-to-date you can enjoy Unreal with modern hi-res texture replacements.
High-Res Textures thread for Unreal
High-Res Textures main downloads
Make maps sound more real with the Dynamic Footstep sounds mod by GreatEmeraldOldUnreal Thread
:ninja: Also in production are HD Weapons for 227 by Shivaxi.
Shivaxi is also making a much better blood and gore system – Ballistic Blood for 227
Not content with making Unreal even better, Shivaxi has also made a very cool Destructible Lights mod.
Ever wanted to look around and see your body properly ? then check-out your bad-self with the Body Awareness mod by Z-Enzyme.
If you fancy a friend to help you through the Single Player games then check out the Unreal Buddy System.

Still in the early stages is, Unreal: Enhanced Edition – A project converting the original maps with new (227) features. – OldUnreal Thread

Some useful “Game-Types”
Real-CTF – Catch The Flag – FORUMMAPS
Enhanced DeathMatch – by Smartball. FORUM
Infiltration – Real-world weapons and extras. – MAPS
UTeamFix – Lots of new game-types and mutators you can combine with others.

Now get some new addons and maps (…yes Unreal still has new content :yikes: )
Beyond UnrealRSS feed
Hyper.nl Unreal Services
MODDB Unreal maps, mods and addonsRSS feed

:spock: Macintosh users read this thread at Beyond Unreal and get UMac_200_2.rar

Blinded By Reality: The True Story Behind the Creation of Unreal

Got Unreal Tournament and Unreal ?
If you install a few extras, you can play most standard UT99 maps in Unreal.
UPDATE – Dots has collected the necessary addons and updates into a single resource. Visit www.oldunreal.com for downloads help and compatibility info on various mappacks.
Shivax’s alternative Botpack
:ninja: Instructions have now been added to the bottom of this page

If you only want the pickups, then you can get them as separate packages.
UTWeapons, UTInventory, and UTRelics by .:..: (Dots)
I have made “INT” config files for these, so the mutators show-up like they do in UT (link below).

Got Unreal and Unreal Tournament ?
If you install “Oldskool Amp’d” for UT99, you can copy the maps and music from the CD to the UT folders, and play original Unreal in UT with alternative weapons, mutators, and ENB Bloom etc.
Info – http://astaley.beyondunreal.com/main.html
Downloads – http://www.moddb.com/mods/oldskool-ampdhttp://www.atomicgamer.com/directory.php?id=1266

Better “int” configuration files

nVidia PhysX in Unreal / Unreal Tournament
You will need to install PhysX for Windows

UT Install
Step 1: Install Unreal 227i.
Step 2: Download BotPack compiled for 227: http://www.klankaos.com/downloads/BotPack.rar or http://shivaxi.com/unreal/downloads/BotPack%20Shiv.zip
– For multiplayer online compatibility you also should download update version of the voicepacks (which are marked as downloadable for other clients): http://www.klankaos.com/downloads/BotPackVoices.rar
Step 3: Link paths to UT folders by editing Unreal.ini and add following lines (though you need to set them point to your UT directory):


Step 4: Download OldSkool for Unreal 227: http://www.klankaos.com/downloads/UOldSkool.rar
Now you are ready to play some UT in Unreal.

  1. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:any screens with all modes installed?

  2. dr-flay says:

    There are screenshots of various mixes in the "Photos" section.They all have the Hi-res textures but they only replace the standard textures.The album of screenshots from Unreal in UT with Nali Weapons, shows the bedding in the cell at the start. You can now see the grain in the cloth instead of a blur.No shots with the BallisticBlood mod. You can check the forum for pictures though.

  3. Hank O. says:

    This has been amazing, playing the great UT map packs like ONP and Project Zephon under Unreal 227i. The main one that I haven’t been able to get working, yet, is Deja Vu: Gryphon Revisited (version 2.0). Have you been able to get that working? Is there something I am missing about how to install it, or how to launch the game, in 227i? Thanks!

  4. Dr.Flay™ says:

    Not had the time to actually play any of the SP packs 😦
    http://www.oldunreal.com and http://www.unrealsp.org are probably the best paces to ask, as there are a few others that mix the 2 games.

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