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Monster pawns and players

Page is Alpha …

U1 Engine
Monster Maddness from “UnrealTower”

MonsterSpawn 3.04 by Asgard
Repacked download with updated config: Google Drive

MonsterSpawn is a Mutator designed to add just about any type of Monster to just about any type of Unreal 1 or Unreal Tournament type game.

Features include adding Modded Monsters or Standard Unreal Monsters. Monsters can be set to respawn after the amount of time you choose, starting a new wave of monster attacks. Up to 60 monsters at a time of your choice can be added to any map of a possible 60 random choices from 100 different monster lists. Monsters always Spawn in random places. You make your own lists or comes with lists pre-configured. Monsterspawn can in theory add up to 6000 different monsters to the game.

Add monsters to CTF, Assault, DM type games, Co-op etc. Try holding onto that flag with a bunch of Skaarj chasing you down, or adding new or Extra monsters to co-op style game etc.

Dinosaurs by Asgard

Updated and repacked download: Google Drive
Also available are the Predator and Spinner models extracted, modded and fixed.
Along with the original spinner are a couple of modded spiders, the maiden and shadow.

“Zombies!!! 5” Hoard/Swarm-Zombies

U2 Engine
Satore Monster Pack –
Monster Manager 1.8 –
⭐ Iniquitous Monsters –
⭐ the Invasion Vault –
Tonys Unreal Realm
Satore addon monsters thread 1Satore addon monsters thread 2

My uploaded collection
Unreal: Pawns Folder
UT99: Monsters Folder
UT2004: Main Folder


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