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Want to “make something Unreal”?
This is the page for you. …

My main Mirror on Google Drive
UNREAL Distros

Unreal Development Kit (UDK) powered by Unreal Engine 3
Oldunreal’s 227 Patch Update for the U1 engine.
Unreal Tournament-V3 from DarkMedor. Pre-installed with extras. – 347MB – p2p MAGNET
UnrealEditorv21Setup.exe Unreal Editor 2.1: Extended Standalone Edition – Forum thread and info – 291MB p2p MAGNET
UnrealEd ProTips Thread

Unreal WIKIs

UT Community SDK (beta) – Adds lots of modern mapping tools. The future of UT99.
⭐ Add nVidia PhysX to your maps (U1/UEd2 engine) – OldUnreal ThreadUnrealSP Thread (Download)
You will need to install PhysX for Windows
UnCodeX and UCPP UnrealScript Swiss Army Knife [WIKI]
Ego-Creations Various tools (German site)
UE Explorer UnrealScript decompiler for Unreal Engine 1, 2, and 3.
http://www.wotgreal.comOriginal WOTgreal site
UShock Unreal Engine Level Viewer https://sourceforge.net/projects/ushock/
Unrilities toolkit for previewing and editing Unreal Engine package.
UTX-Viewer http://utx-viewer.sourceforge.net
Unreal X-Editor– Free Script Editor for Unreal Development Kit (UDK)
UnrealScript addon for Notepad++
UnCodeX-UT Every UEd2 script function explained (U1 UnrealScript Source)
UnCodeX-UT2K4 Every UEd3 script function explained (U2 UnrealScript Source)
UnCodeX-UT3 Every U3 script function explained
U3 Game Development Resources – http://wikis.lib.ncsu.edu
Lode’s Unreal Ed tutorials
Unreal Wiki – Custom Brushbuilders
Tarquin’s various brush buildersTutorial
Rahnem’s Builder Brushes
Raven’s tools for scripting, textures and audio.
UT3 Converter2 Helps covert existing maps between the various engines.
Dave’s Platonic Solids Brushbuilder
Daewon’s Builders
DOWN/BROKEN Unreal Mayhem Tools and extras
ASE to Unreal T3D file convertorHELPAuthor
UTDataBase99K Loads of tools and addons for UEd2
Unreal Realm of Concepts file conversion tools
Sidewinder’s tools – including “MapScale” and “Unreal Polygon Editor”
Unreal Dungeon Maker – THREADDOWNLOADHomePage
Houdini t3d Export to UnrealEd http://www.ut99.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5177&start=0

Search engine for 3D models www.yobi3d.com
Free Maya models 3DSM XSI Softimage Cinema 4D 3D models from infinitee-designs.com
Massive collection of free 3D models from http://archive3d.net
William Sherriff models – Many are destroyable or animated (U1)
Reactive Decorations by BK/bobkakabk – Movable/shootable items + Tutorial. (U1)
Odedge Level Design – Everything you need
Creavion’s Grass and Foliage Plants Texture Pack: GameFront
Prefabs collection at unrealtexture.com
Loopix-Project models and textures Low-polly trees, shrubs and sky-boxes etc..
Xfrog Plants Free samples
Unreal 2 vehicles for U1 by .:..: (dots)
http://www.hourences.com – Tutorials and textures
Low poly street decorations by “Silveribex”
Marathon Project Orphanage Textures – visit the FTP site for the files
http://aottextures.free.fr Tactical-Ops TO-AOT textures and map resources
Paul Bourke’s Texture library
UEd3 G-pack_Tex (291 industrial textures) http://bedos.guilhem.perso.sfr.fr/g-pack/
UEd2 G-pack_Tex Conversion by “JackGriffin” Forum ThreadMAGNET LINK
GiGGsY’s_Decorations.7z by GiGGsY (Christian Herzog) http://www.slegg.net
Textures by John Susek – Good selection of quality out-doors textures.
Textures by David Gurrea – great selection of stylish Hi-Res textures.
Obsidian Dawn – Grungy and Dirty brushesGrungy and Dirty Patterns
Textures Forest library
Seamless textures and more at TextureMate
Free samples from Marlin Studios – www.marlinstudios.com/samples/samples.htm
Hi-res textures from Dark News – www.darknews.com/high-res-textures/
PK01, PK02 and Ancient Collection Texture packages by Philip Klevestav – www.philipk.net
Hi-res seamless textures from Goodtextures.com
Tile-able HD Game Textures
Unreal Textures prefabs collection www.unrealtexture.com

The “VideoGame Resource” of Sprites, Models, Textures, Sounds www.vg-resource.com

Free 3D Tools

Houdini Apprentice: www.sidefx.com/apprentice/
xNormal www.xnormal.net – Bake high details into low detail models, and more
MeshLab http://meshlab.sourceforge.net
Online 3D Model Converter (uses Open Asset Import Library)
open3mod – Open 3D Model Viewer (uses Open Asset Import Library)
WinMeshView (based on TetGen)
meshconv – 3D model converter www.cs.princeton.edu/~min/meshconv/
Biturn by Mirex – 3D file converter
Noesis – 3D file converter
Various converters from Unreal Realm Of Concepts
List of converters at UT99.org.

nVidia PhysX driver
NVIDIA Texture Tools for Adobe Photoshop
GPU Accelerated Texture Compression
nVidia Legacy Texture Tools
Free multi-OS image editor http://www.gimp.org
S3TC/DDS/DXT plugin for GIMP http://code.google.com/p/gimp-dds/

Programs such as Irfanview and XnView (both handle DDS) can use many plugin systems including Adobe Photoshop and;
Filter Factory: http://thepluginsite.com/resources/freeff.htm
Filters Unlimited: http://www.icnet.de/filters_unlimited/
AstaLux effects: http://www.tommesani.com/index.php/software/

Some useful tools aimed at low-level bitmap editing
Cosmigo Pro Motion (palette plugin now pre-installed)
MemeCode i.Mage

MaPZone – texturing tool http://www.mapzoneeditor.com
abrMate – Photoshop ABR brush extractor http://www.texturemate.com/abrMate
TexSynth – Texture tiler: http://www.bpeers.com/software/texsynth/
Texture Toolkit for UnrealEd: http://www.foogod.com/UEdTexKit/

Terrain and Skybox Creation
TerraGen 2 from planetside.co.uk
TerraGen 3 http://planetside.co.uk/terragen-3-free-download
Terragen Tutorial – https://developer.valvesoftware.com
Nem’s Mega 3D Terrain Generator http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?p=8
MS Image Composite Editor – Create massive hi-res stitched pictures

Unreal Commander http://x-diesel.com (Custom Total Commander build)
Total Commander Plugins
Browse and extract files from UMOD files: http://www.totalcmd.net/plugring/umod.html “umod.wcx”
*wlx_utp (To find) By (Dennis “Luftpumpe” Grass)
*wdx_utp (To find) http://www.fliegenklatsche.org/index.php?site=tools

Granite Mountain Software – A variety of Unreal engine tools, including “UT Int Generator”

ini config editors
IniBeast from FunkyToad.com
Jed’s Ini Editor from SourceForge
MiTeC INI Editor www.mitec.cz
ini-settings-editor http://code.google.com/p/ini-settings-editor/

UT99.org Development School NEW tutorials and guides.
Unreal Developer Network tutorials, videos resources.
IceCreamYou Web Design and UnrealEd Tutorials
ARCH 5344 – 001 Virtual Reality Software and Technology (3:2:2) – A gold-mine of tutorials.
Hourence’s books in print or PDF
Squacky’s UEd2 tutorials www.planetunreal.com/squacky/unrealed.htm
Wolf’s Unreal
Iniquitous: Tutorials http://www.unreal.shaungoeppinger.com/tutorials.html
Shane Caudle UT99 skining


  1. yobi3djessy says:

    Hi, I would like to recommend a 3D model search engine called Yobi3D. You can search with simple keywords and see the results in 3D.


    • Dr.Flay™ says:

      Looks clean and free from adverts and trackers, so thank you, and added to my list.
      I will also white-list it in my browsers so the your webmaster analytics function.

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