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Posted: February 1, 2013 in Patches and Updates, UT99
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The Unreal Tournament SDK is a state-of-the-art Toolset / Engine Enhancement for retail Unreal Tournament and a substitute for a still missing new Patch, that brings UT to today’s standards in the style of the Stalker Complete Series. Sci-Fi Battle Scenes, a Strategy Game, a Fun Mod, Survival-Horror Shooter, Simulations – Everything is possible. It will also include a Sandbox showcasing the New Possibilities via bundled Mini-Mods made by Fans and me. It enhances the render engine, gameplay, unreal script features and anything UT Veterans ever dreamed off. It is completely Open Source, free for non-commercial use.

Developer/Lead: Stephan “Shadow” Nagel
Additional Help/Support: moonangel, .:..:, the ut99.org Community
Beta-Testers: Feralidragon, TheDane, Myth, editorDave, UBX Master, pappercoffe

Current Version: January 2013 UTSDKBeta (Build 500) , 30.01.2013
Next Release: February 2013 UTSDKBeta, 28.02.2013

(If you are missing the file “Unreal4.umx”, it comes with the original Unreal)

* Bounding Volume Support
* new Emitter type (SubUV Emitter)
* improved Interpolation System (supports smooth interpolation of float, vector, rotator and colors)
* extended Post Processing Support (cross-fade support, new Blend Modes etc.)
* completely new GUI/menu system!
* tons of new UnrealED / UnrealScript functions
* new Static Mesh Features (changeable U/V Settings, dynamic color)
* updated OpenGL Driver
* dozens of fixes here and there
* a lot of new example content and ready-to-use classes (be surprised!)
* partially revamped weapons
* Showcase / Test environment

Revamped Rendering Engine + in-Editor Preview / Realtime Support
UnrealEnigma Particle Engine (Sprite-, SubUV-, Vertex-, Mesh-, Beam-, Corona- ,Spark- and Ribbon Emitters…)
Support for different Projective Texture Mapping, Advanced Shadowing and enhanced Decals and Gore System
Material Shader System (TextureCombiners, TexturePanners, TextureOscillators/Scalers, Emissive Materials etc.)
Lensflare Support, Dynamic Coronas, enhanced Sprite Effects, RenderToTexture Support and other SpecialFX
Modern Post-Processing System (Blur, Depth of Field, Scene Materials, Bloom, High Dynamic Range Lighting etc.)
Distance Fog, Height Fog, Moving Fog (Fog Emitters)
Optimized Unreal-Mesh Rendering, Static Mesh Support! (High Poly 3D Models)
Dynamic Fluid Surface Support (rendering Dynamic Water i.e.)

Visit the official site (below) and forum (bottom) for more info and downloads.

UT99.org forums

  1. anonymous says:

    tazzerdeathstalker writes:i need help with killing floor SDK

  2. dr-flay says:

    Killing Floor comes as a mod for UT2004, and as a standalone game.I assume you want to use the standalone game.http://www.moddb.com/games/killing-floor/tutorialsThe resources for the UT mod will also be useful.http://www.moddb.com/mods/killing-floorhttp://miasma.org/index.php/board,12.0.html

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