Relics and Pickups

Posted: Jan 25, 2013 in Mutators, Unreal, UT2004, UT99
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Relics, pickups and powerups, for Unreal Engine games. …


UT Relics – All the standard UT Relics by Tomkatrebel and .:..: (Dots)

Chaos pickups – ChaosUT 1.1 update.
Relics 2 – 9 new Relics (2 of which are team Relics).
Wormbo’s Enhanced Relics – Important fixes and improvements (includes “Relic of Wealth”).
Relic Classes – Start with all the Chaos Relics (does not work with other Relics) 😦
Wrath’s Relics – Angel, Wrath and Shrink Relics.
Predator/Blink – This Relic makes you “blink” in and out of visibility and makes you faster and stronger.
Wormbo’s Quake3 “Tournament”. Includes 4 enhanced Relics.

Relic-style pickups (Can usually be combined with Relics).
Nali Weapons 3 – MonsterHunt pickups that attach to your weapons.
RuneZ – 6 Runes can also be picked up by monsters ! :devil: Details
SpellUNREAL – Collect the letters to spell “UNREAL” and gain God-like powers.
UWAR – Includes 4 configurable powerups – ArchiveHUD tutorial

Download Mirror

Chaos Relics – Included with “ChaosUT2: Evolution”
Heaven of Relics – a massive goody-bag of 19 Relics


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