How to make your PC UT be more console-like.

Posted: January 9, 2013 in maps, Modifications, UT99
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This is a small download list to make your PC version of UT have the PS2 and DC maps and models. …

Though it won’t be 100% console-like, your PC version will now get a taste of what the Sony Playstation 2 and the Sega Dreamcast versions have to offer.
NOTE: If you have something from the consoles that is not mentioned, post about it at the comments. I also assume you already have the 4 bonus packs installed (if not, check the main UT page).

So without further delay…

PS2 Character Pack converted by AlCapowned

Extra skin pack for the models converted by AlCapowned

:headbang: Console Maps/Mappacks
NOTE: DM-Flux is missing a package, you can find it in this version of the map
Original ps2 maps:
Mr. Pot’s recreation of DM-Hood

:bandit: Console HUD: converted by AlCapowned (includes 4 Console Crosshair variations!)

It is also possible to use controller-pads and setup split-screen games.
Check this guide posted at UnrealSP

Congrats, your UT is now more console-like! :yes:

A reminder of what the console maps look like.

  1. dr-flay says:

    :hat: WOOT !Some one else has made a post !Congratulations :beer:Don't worry about messy-ness, you can re-edit any time.I made 1 change though, by switching off the inclusion of the date in the URL.

  2. Gexas20 says:

    Thanks, doc!Could you please add a few smilies in my blog post? I couldn't find the ''add smilies'' button on my Mini.EDIT: Sweet smilies! Thanks-a-lot!

  3. dr-flay says:

    😦 poo. don't they work in mini-opera?

  4. Gexas20 says:

    Maybe the mobile version of this site doesn't have the text editing stuff (I don't see any bold, italic or underlined buttons eigher)? 😦 darn, seems I have to put bolds and smilies the old fashioned way.EDIT: Found the smiley list, it shows up only at the comments it seems.bold test, please ignore :whistle:

  5. dr-flay says:

    With "mini Opera" on your phone, you should be able to see the page in full desktop mode.The one for the posts also works the same as the one for the comments.

  6. anonymous says:

    medor writes:Nice work 😉

  7. Gexas20 says:

    :p Thanks, Medor!

  8. Gexas20 says:

    Update: 2 new downloads added! :sherlock:

  9. dr-flay says:

    Good find.I'll see if I can link to some useful pictures.Check back soon !

  10. Gexas20 says:

    Thank you very much, Dr. Flay! I kept forgeting to post pics here… :p

  11. dr-flay says:

    I just linked to the images at ModDB, so nice and simple.

  12. carbonut says:

    Great Post! I always wondered about this type of modding. Cheers!

  13. Gexas20 says:

    Thanks carbon! Sorry for the late reply.I also want to thank Doc Flay (again) for this lists maintenance :)I got to test a new console-related thing-of-a-bob. There's still a few small bugs, but it's very near the release. Expect it to appear on this list at the end of the month or so ;).

  14. anonymous says:

    Genesis writes:Nice job, I was looking for console exclusive ut stuff. Also there is a chace to convert the other ps2/dreamcast maps?Like DM-CanyonFear, CTF-Stormfront, CTF-Sundial, CTF-Sepuichre, etc…Keep up the good work!

  15. Gexas20 says:

    Thanks for your interest, Genesis! :DDM-CanyonFear, CTF-Sepulchre and some more can be found at the Original PS2 Maps mappack in the list (thank you very much, Leo(T.C.K) for finding and shearing this treasure), you can find more info about that pack in here: problem is some of the maps from both mappacks conflict with each other, so you should rename or delete one of those when that happens.Cheers!

  16. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:Hell yeah, you made my day!! Thanks for sharing these, really cool stuff here!!

  17. anonymous says:

    Genesis writes:Genesis up there 😛 ^^^

  18. anonymous says:

    Hook writes:Gexas, are you a Mapper for UT99 yourself?Nice to see you here!Dr.Flay, you need to recommend a good forum for Gex to visit LOL (hint hint)

  19. dr-flay says:

    :pirate: AAAARRRR !He makes a good cabin-boy.

  20. Gexas20 says:

    Nice to see you too, Cap'n. I'll catch up to your nice lookin ship (forum I mean) tomorrow.Yep I try to do some mapmaking, but my maps still look like they're done by a 10 year old lol :cry:. See ya soon!GEx

  21. anonymous says:

    Hook writes:Well, that is all right, as long as the map is FUN and Interesting!Oh, I assume you 2 have seen my post about the UT99 Forum and Site Directory?I MAY need some help with that puppy, and you 2 are good with that sort of thing – Links for resources, etc.More Later! 🙂

  22. anonymous says:

    Markus writes:awesome thanks a lotthe one ones that seem to be missing are:SingularityStation ControlMegaplex

  23. dr-flay says:

    The authors of these packs are still active, so perhaps we should get them to visit this page.Contact details are available in the packs, but you could just ask at

  24. Gexas20 says:

    Megaplex is converted actually, if you download the "RA to DM mappack", you'll find Megaplex as DM-Inoxx2, however the weapon placement of it is all wrong :mad:.PS. Console HUD just replaced the Console Crosshair, as the HUD has 4 of them!

  25. anonymous says:

    Hook writes:You all have a great day folks – oh heck, have a great life! 🙂

  26. dr-flay says:

    :pirate: Arrrr have a swash-buckling day yerself Captain :cheers:

  27. Gexas20 says:

    I should definetly check Your Unreal more often, cuz I can't even recognize my list 😀 thanks a bunch Dr. Flay!

  28. dr-flay says:

    Well it is entirely possible that someone may have added a couple of bits :whistle:

  29. konatasauce says:

    Hey! It's Eternus from the BUF. I must say, you guys did a great job on this! Keep up the good work. 😉

  30. dr-flay says:

    :up: Thanks for saying hello, and this baby is down to Gexas, as I don't play on consoles much, so never thought about it.

  31. Gexas20 says:

    Hey Eternus, don't forget to click that "join this group" button ok? To tell the truth, I don't have a console version of UT eigher. Wish I had the ps2 version.I just like collecting add-ons for games, and what could be better then collecting exclusive console items for my favourite game of all? 😎 Cheers!

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