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Posted: Nov 2, 2012 in Audio, Patches and Updates, UT99
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How to get more from your Unreal audio …

U1 engine (Unreal, UT, Deus Ex, Rune, etc.)

The default “Galaxy” audio renderer and its settings can be changed to allow for a more modern setup.
Galaxy Renderer supports 32 audio channels.
It also sets the quality to 22k audio.

The changes can be made by editing the “UnrealTournament.ini” file or type “preferences” in the console (press the TAB key to open the console.)


All modern audio hardware supports 3D hardware effects, so you can enable this as well.
If you never play the music supplied with maps, then you could allocate all channels for effects, but I recommend leaving 4 available for for your system if you are using other software at the same time (if that software uses HW channels).
Some audio software can “exclusively” lock the hardware channels it uses.


There is a patch/update for the Galaxy audio renderer in UT.
It fixes and adds full EAX support and profiles for 33 default UT maps.

OldUnreal compiled a collection of updates in their (OMP) Multimedia pack for UT. This adds OpenAL, FMOD and SwFMOD audio renderers, as well as the newest video renderers. (new betas at the bottom)
If you are having problems with OpenAL try the last driver update from Creative/nVidia.

OpenAL, FMOD and SwFmod

NEW renderers are being beta tested, and will soon be replacing the ones in the old pack.
See or for details.

These alternative newer sound renderers, allow double the amount of channels than the Galaxy device.
I highly recommend using OpenAL if you use surround-sound, as the positioning is very accurate.

You may have problems with using 64 Hardware channels if your chip has a maximum of 64.
If UT crashes try using 60, or changing to software mode.

Again you will have to edit the ini file or open the “Advanced Options” window from the console.
The more speaker channels you use for output, the useful it is to allocate more effects channels.

Pay special attention to the switch “UseOriginalUnreal” as this setting adjusts how the sounds “roll-off” at a distance.
The setting “True” will make all sounds the same volume, so you can hear things across the map.
The setting “False” is more realistic, with sounds at a distance being quiet, or unheard.

If you have a Realtek or Creative sound chip, read this thread

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