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Music and audio files prepared for UEd.
The original files and documentation is included with the files. …

14 music tracks by the mod tracker group pHASE dISTORTION/phase^D/ph^D/pha$e^Dee!

2 free MP3s converted to UMX format (ORIGINAL)

Unreal Music forum threads

Oldskool module (mod) tracker Programs

Old ModPlug Player – Also converts files to usable formats for UEd UMX music. History
Open ModPlug Tracker – New version of ModPlug.
XMPlayer – Multi-format player that supports many plugins.
DeliPlayer Plays Mod files as they should sound.

WinAmp plugins
UMX updated
UMX original version and Documentation
BASS Module Player Plugin
ModPlug Wrapper

Tracker module files
World of Game Music
AMINET The mother-lode of mods and free music. (Choose a mirror near you) Another massive repository of free music modules.

How to convert Audio into UMX
Kosmic Free Music Foundation More available in the archive.
1996 MP3
1997 MODs (requires VLC)
1998 MP3
1999 MP3
2000 MP3

Listen to Tracker music on LAST.FM
Join the UT group

  1. […] Further info on trackers and where to find more music can be found HERE […]

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