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This page is where I will practice digital necromancy, and raise the dead from beyond the grave. …

:rip: This page is for resurrecting dead sites. :rip:
leave requests in the comments.
CliffyB’s Ownage v2.0
FILEPLANET Get everything you can before it’s gone
FilePlanet mirrors
http://usaar33.comAstaley FILES*

NaliCity 3 BeforeAfter and NOW
Tutorials and player Models at ModelsZone Models at PlanetQuake
SkinCity: Use SkinCity to find the your skin or model and then download from File/GameFront or AtomicGamer
Jetstream Games BeyondUnreal Mirror (2005)
Unreal Fortress: Use PlanetFortress for info, and ModDB for the files

Fixed links for
Content creation
Fordy’s Site – the #1 source of Unreal editing news
Lode’s UnrealArchive
UnrealEd Lab – Unrealed2.0 Tutorials
UnrealCore Scripts
UTManiac (Formerly UTInsomniac) – Currently over 500 editing tutorials linked and featured for UT,UT2K3, and U2.
Unreal-X – Useful stuff for advanced unreal editors or people just learning – Beginners Tutorials – Unreal Engine 3/UT3

Unreal Tower The home of Monster Madness and other mutators and tutorials.
Unreal Tournament Archives – Still live but links to dead sites.
Shane Caudle’s textures and more
Burnt Kona Coffee House (Home of Binky and Riot Girl)
TeamVortex DavidM
Bot40 Design
Team Phalanx : UT-UT200x Maps, Textures, Tutorials and various other stuff.
The Texture Forest (Forest Studios) FILES
Spooger’s Maps and models/decos by William “Islington” Sherriff
unreal archives at Gamers.Org
Tactical Ops 3.50 Community Patch
Shane Cauldle UT sking tutorial

J’s Maps

Bladerunner – Aeon Flux – Clockwork Orange – Antarctica – Unfinished Villa – THX1138 – 8 Ball – Unreal City – TRON – KoRAmsterdam – Q Division – Mapper’s Cafe  – Museum – Fight Club – Real City – Venice – Tokyo – Sand – Dojo – Moon

Eight-legged freaks player models


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