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“I have just installed UT2K4/Unreal Tournament 2004, what do I need to update?”
Windows/Linux/Macintosh …

⭐ If you just Installed Unreal Tournament 2004, you will need to check the “Essential Files” list.
Many maps and mods rely on you having most of these, such as “ECE (Editor’s Choice) Bonus Pack” which gives you extra vehicles, maps and player models.

LAN=Local Area Network It is for playing people connected to your LOCAL network.
* When you first try and connect to an INTERNET game, you will have to wait for the master-server list to populate. (It can be very slow, so chat to someone while you wait)
* If you cannot refresh the list, check GameTracker.com GameServers.com GameMonitor.com and manually add them (TIP change UT to windowed mode).
* If you can see servers, but not connect, change UT to windowed mode and see if the Windows firewall is waiting for you to unblock UT.

  • The in-game chat will connect you to the official Epic UT chat-room where you can talk to other people.
    You can also join the IRC chat-room HERE

:sherlock: If you still cannot connect, then you are probably using an illegal copy. If you have downloaded a torrent/p2p version or have installed your friend’s copy, you will only be able to play offline.
YOU NEED A NEW UNIQUE KEY. You can obtain a valid working key by clicking HERE or HERE

Unreal Tournament 2004 Essential Files
I am going to add links to the files here as BU is a mess :irked:
Beyond Unreal Mirror
:spock: Macintosh users should visit MacSoft Games

OpenAL (EAX) driver: Updated Summer 2009 : Version

Windows 7 info

ChaosUT :ninja:
Relics, weapons, hover-board, and an awesome melee combat system. even adds more game-modes.
:spock: Mac installer

UT2004RPG :knight:
OK, you’ve got your swords and crossbow from Chaos, now lets add a little magic.
Druid’s RPG – Forum and server.
Mysterial’s original

Ballistic Weapons and JunkWar
A whole different set of modern-world weaponry and vehicles, and tons of junk you can throw at each-other. Combined with the RPG mod, you could defend your self with a magic dustbin lid and stab someone with a magic broken fluorescent tube. The possibilities are endless!
Check ModDB for extra maps and addons

Jailbreak :bandit:
Mission: Put the enemy behind bars, while rescuing your team from execution in the enemy jail.
Jailbreak 2004c (Service Pack 3) was released in February with fixes updates and extras.
If you like team-games that make players actually play as a team, then this is for you.

Monarch’s Mods
Air Power/Air Superiority, Advanced Armour, UT2004 Navy and Battle-Bikes
Time to buy a new ride, pimp the tank, fly some Jet-fighters, Steath-copters, space-ships, or even be a TRANSFORMER !! :yikes:
http://monarch.planetunreal.gamespy.com/Downloads.htm (Archive)
http://monarch.zeroservers.net (Archive)
ModDB v4
Monarch’s Mods FileFront Battle Bikes FileFont

So you fancy yourself as a “boy-racer”, well this pack is for you. Race anything against anything, anywhere, in every racing-style you can think!
Official forum

Unreal Demolition
Ok if racing away from your opponents is too boring for you? So how about a mod dedicated to driving at your enemy, and smashing them into oblivion?
Archived site

All right then, racing away or at your opponents not good enough? Want a bit more strategy?
Well take the soccer game from UnWheel and run with it… all the way to the enemy goal.

Clone Bandits (Total mod)
This vision of a post-apocalyptic future is more “Tank Girl” than “Mad Max” :jester:
Ride into battle in comfort sitting on a sun-lounger, atop your shiny new pink tank.
More into bikes? Well try-out the reused Russian rockets, with wheels and handle-bars attatched!

AirBuccaneers (Total mod) :pirate:
Bored of fancy technology? How about taking to the skies as a pirate aboard a hot-air balloon?

Jurassic Rage (Total mod)
How about junking all the complex stuff, and dropping into the jungle with your team, with only shot-guns and light machine-guns to defend your self against the hungry dinosaurs?
Archived Site

Killing Floor :devil: (Total mod)
If you like it tense and scary then you must get this incredible co-op/multi-play zombie-survival mod (also available as a stand-alone Steam game.)

Out of Hell :yikes: (Total mod)
Got no friends or prefer more of a personal hellish nightmare, then this Single-Player mod is for you.

Alien Swarm
Something else is trying to eat you, and these nasties are very alive!
In this top-down shooter, very reminiscent of the Amiga classic “Alien Breed” you and hopefully some friends can survive the swarms and make it out alive.

Monsters and Spawners
Satore Monster Pack – http://www.unreal.shaungoeppinger.com/devsatore.html
Monster Manager 1.8 – http://forums.epicgames.com/threads/457137-Monster-Manager-1-8
⭐ Iniquitous Monsters – http://www.unreal.shaungoeppinger.com/monsters.html
⭐ the Invasion Vault – http://www.unreal.shaungoeppinger.com/invasionvault.html
Tonys Unreal Realm http://www.tonysunrealrealm.co.nr
Satore addon monsters thread 1Satore addon monsters thread 2

Warhammer 40,000 (Total Mod)
The best way to get a good FPS Warhammer, is to use the best engine to start with 😀
Class-based Space-Marine combat, as it should be.
Archived siteUT40k Developer TeamUT40K_public_beta7.rarHow to start a UT40K game
(The group are currently working on the UDK version)

Goldeneye and Perfect Dark maps
Half-Life 2 Monsters and vehicles
Portal Gun
Coming soon-ish
Command & Conquer

The Ultimate Community MapPacks (UCMP) volumes 1-4: http://www.ucmappack.org
Russian Bonus Pack: GameFrontgames.onego.ru

Titan Onslaught Map Pack 1
TitanOnslaughtMapPack1.zip: FileFront
TitanOnslaughtMapPack1.exe: FileFront
TitanOnslaughtMapPack1_server_uz2.zip: FileFront

14 alternative start logos from UTzone.de
Unreal Tournament 2004 Tweak Guide

http://www.atomicgamer.com/directory.php?id=1259 (BU hosted files)
http://www.atomicgamer.com/directory.php?id=3476 (Unrealism)

  1. anonymous says:

    MONZERMOUSSA writes:thnx doc_flay for showing me this cool site thank you!

  2. dr-flay says:

    It should be cool…I made it 😀 Anything you want here, just ask and I'll see what I can do :up: …and keep the trolololoing to a minimum 😉

  3. anonymous says:

    Ninja Skyden writes:Dude, I remember playing this game all day, I sure hope a resurgence of interest swells in this game again, getting tired of having to get my kicks on CoD. Other oldies I used to play were Halo 1 for PC, Splinter Cell for ps2 online, Battlefield 2 online, & Counter Strike. Also found UT3 for Xbox 360 thoroughly ok.

  4. anonymous says:

    Ninja Skyden writes:My names were [killer] mantis, [killer] buzz_boy, {kc}wArhEaD, Crolten, [KTC]Scarface, & *KaD*ScArface. Now I just use Ninja Skyden, there's no ninja like sky ninja xD

  5. dr-flay says:

    Low-grav, Jump-match, strafing the enemy from the sky with a minigun.That is one of my earliest UT memories.Angel of death move, I used to call it.I often play UT2004 with Halo and HalfLife models :yes:

  6. anonymous says:

    RevBillyG writes:Don't forget Jailbreakhttp://jailbreak.beyondunreal.com/

  7. dr-flay says:

    Hmm, not sure why I didn't post it before.Considering how popular it is in all UTs.Consider it done :up:

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