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Almost there, so I thought I should show you the insane UT99 mod from “Structure Studio” and the people at …

This is a concept for a replacement of the original UT Weapons:
Fight in a silly mod with weapons stuffed with deadly food.
new features and new handling. You will love to fight with food!!
“Playing with food was never been so RIGHT!”


join us at the FOODFIGHT Test server: (Forum)

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The weapons

The Canopener is the starting weapon …you have 3 ammo types.
which can be changed (if picked up) with the alternate fire.
1_ kidney beans …same as the enforcer.
2_ the sweet cherry …many bullets and fast firing mode, but less damage as the beans.
3_ halapenjo (very rare) only 7 bullets, but one shot, one kill.

The P-nutgun is for people who love to mess around with a huge amount of bullets.
Alternate fire shoots 3 more accurate bullets.

The Ha&Ka Steinfrucht is the moste precise Weapon, you shoot exactly what you aim at.
But there is no zoom and you need to reload after every shot.
With the alternate fire you use the bajo… erm fork – This is an instant kill.

Now we get the Papricannon …the ammo is a Papri-nade which does explode
2 seconds after it hits something or instantly when you hit the enemy directly.
The Papri-nade explodes immediately when you hit the alternate fire.
This way, you can shoot one papri-nade, shoot another one and with a bit timing, you can trigger the second one to explode simultaneously with the first shot.
A fun weapon to play around with.

The Saladthrower is somehow a Flak-cannon and somehow it is not.
It has a recoil that rebuffs the player if he’s using the weapon in midair (jump/fall/etc.)
The alternate fire will load a huge amount of salad in the weapon (which can hold back the ammo just like the Bio-rifle) … if released, the salad-burst will throw you back even if you’re standing on the ground.

At last the Toastanator… it is the biggest weapon in this Mod.
The projectile is a burning, exploding, nuclear part of a breakfast!
You can launch one Toast, or with the alternate fire, all 4 Toasts (after this combo-shot you will have to reload the weapon though).
One Toast is a bigger explosion as the normal Rocketlauncher … now think what happens if you launch all 4 Toasts…. (aside from all your enemys in range are going to be toast).

The Hot-Saucier:
Primary fire is a beam of hot Thai sauce …you can paint the Sauce on the floor/wall/enemy after short time the sauce catch fire and burns down …this causes a wall of fire …or a running torch if you hit an enemy.
Alternate Fire is a big glob of this flesh burning sauce. that glob can be used as a sticky mine because it takes a much longer time till this projectile explode in a Burst of flames incinerating everyone. or you try to hit an enemy directly …that will have the same effect …but now instantly. Or you shoot with the primary fire on this trap …BoooomWOOOSH!!!
chain-reactions possible

The Carroteer:
A stack-rifle
Primary fire shoots straight flying carrots ..Enemies get slow downed by a shot of a carrot (get spiked)…the second shot is deadly. a shot in the head is an instant death.
The projectile is somehow slow with good reflexes you can avoid
Alternate fire gets a normal scope like the sniper gun.

Now we come to the main function …you can skewer what ever has an collision model …that way you can build stairs for you and your team mate or you can barricade a narrow space …the carrots can be destroyed by any weapon. Faster with the bigger weapons.

“if you need a sniper spot DYS!!”

The team List!

3D modelling / mapper
mapper – new member
…I hope he will come back


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