Thievery – Tenth Anniversary Community Edition

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Modifications, News, UT99
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It’s been creeping around in the shadows for 10 years, and finally the ultimate “Stealth-em-up” is back.
A re-packaged Thievery, with more than a few changes.
Same as the previous versions, it is still “Beta” and has a few issues (can’t have everything).

The forum contains info on how to easily create a “fresh” UT install on your desktop, from your current installed copy.

Mod Changes:
o Aesthetics – won’t be a surprise if I said any more.
o Updated credits/intro – thanks to all.

ProMod Integration (single player and multiplayer):
o Flash and crack exploits fixed.
o Behindview disable toggle.
o FrobWake delay configurable.
o New sound system.
o Configurable lockpick sound radius.
o Sensitivity locked when paralysed.
o Scaling bow damage (pullback).
o Moss fixed.
o Silent movement for thieves based on speed threshold
o Chest resupply time increases based on guard player count
o Breath potions provide temporary immunity against crack clouds (not an antidote)
o New Flashbomb system with less punishing falloff vs distance
o Experimental fix to stop playermodels warping up/down on rope arrows and ladders
o Doublejump fix, consecutive jumps don’t increase player speed
o Catfall potions are soundless to drink, now last 15 seconds rather than 20
o Some general Blackjack code fixes
o Blackjack KO radius changes based on Thief visibility, making guards in full light less likely to be downed
o Firebolts move faster and explode in a tighter radius
o Flares gutter down when thrown
o Speed potions parabolically reduce in speed towards a 0 count.
o Reduced scoreboard (no AI shown) test in action
o Mantle landing now silent
o Potion effects no longer stack, barring health and breath potions.
o Using invis is now soundless
o Moss, vine, ruse arrows may be used without breaking invisibility
o Backpedal speed fixed, walking backwards is now silent
o Para is fixed due to the backpedal change, and is now more effective
o Crack cloud reduced to 25 second duration (down from 45)
o Breath potions now cost 30
o Ruse arrow is invisible and inaudible to guards while in flight
o Other defensive arrows don’t make a firing noise

o Flares/Firebolts now burn moss.
o Water now makes moss grow.
o SpyOrbs replace scouting orbs.

GameType Changes:

Thief Match:
o Explosive loot added.
o Poisonous potions added.

o AI now use correct footstep packages.

Included Maps:

o Th-Airship
o Th-AncientRuins
o Th-Apprentice
o Th-Aquatone
o Th-Archery
o Th-Asylum
o Th-Bourgeois
o Th-Breakout
o Th-Breandor
o Th-CityMuseum
o Th-CrowsNest
o Th-Cult
o Th-Dante
o Th-DarkCathedral
o Th-Darkened_Enlightenment
o Th-District
o Th-Eulenburg
o Th-Flats
o Th-Folly
o Th-Gerome
o Th-Grange
o Th-HighwayInn
o Th-KingsOfTheDesert
o Th-Korman
o Th-LordBeck
o Th-Mensch
o Th-Nostalgia
o Th-Payback
o Th-SheriffsHome
o Th-SkeltstonHead
o Th-SoulsHarbor
o Th-Spider
o Th-Stronghold
o Th-Theatre
o Th-Villa
o Th-Warehouse

Map Changes to pre-fixed maps (TME etc):

All Maps:
o Non-combatants now all civilians.

o Fixed gem exploit permenantly.
o Fixed some lighting.

o Removed crack arrows.
o Fixed door jamming with bolts.

o Reduced loot amount.

o Exit bug should now be fixed.

o Reduced routes to library.

o Moved guards inside.

o Fixed two minor texture errors.
o Reduced safe lock picking time.

o Fixed exit zone.
o Fixed map exploit.

o Altered bot pathing upstairs.

o Fixed vent exploit.
o Fixed zone portal on elevator.

o Modified objectives to tell where exit is.

  1. anonymous says:

    Gabrieloup writes:I have to say, this mod is really amazing and people should try it out even if the multiplayer is empty now days, however the game has much more improvement over Thief Gold and Thief 2 and the game does use bots, along with the fact that the maps have random generated loot, and with random generated spawns as well leading that the maps have always different experiences wile replaying them. 10/10.

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